Movie Review: Walk of Shame (2014)

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walk_of_shameA poor plot and stilted dialog waste Banks’ talents.

2 Stars

I had high hopes for Walk of Shame, as it stars one of my favorite actresses, Elizabeth Banks. Banks is known for her roles in both The Hunger Games and as Avery Jessup on 30 Rock. One thing she’s always been able to do is bring an air of comedy to her roll, even when the character she played has no idea she was being funny. Pulling off a deadpan delivery like that is no easy task.

In this comedy, Elizabeth Banks plays Megan Miles, an ambitious reporter who picked the worst night ever to have a one night stand with a handsome stranger (James Marsden of Anchorman 2). The next morning, she finds herself stranded without a phone, a car or even any ID, with only 8 hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life.

Unfortunately, not even the comic genius of Elizabeth Banks can save this movie. It goes from probable to slapstick ridiculous in a moment. A poor plot and stilted dialog waste Banks’ talents.

Steve Brills’ directed this attempt at a female version of the Hangover, but he missed the mark. Banks somehow leaves her purse in her car after a tequila fueled one night stand. Her car gets towed, and then she spends the next 8 hours walking home in heels, being mistaken for a prostitute multiple times.


Seriously, they did that joke to death. Then, because the movie didn’t suck enough, they had the stereotypical Barbie meet several different ethnic stereotypes before she finally made it home to be saved by the hero, her one night stand.

A movie that had a lot of promise, with an all right premise, was completely ruined due to lazy scriptwriting and boring dialog. None of the characters were fleshed out, not even Banks’ stereotypical California Barbie reporter.

Oh, god and the obnoxious moral at the end of the story…I won’t spoil it, but the damn movie gets all sanctimonious about stereotyping people at the end, when that’s what they’ve been doing for the last two hours. Really, it’s a lot like having a smoker warn you about the dangers of skin cancer.



Walk of Shame is just that; shameful. It made about $40k its opening weekend, which is probably way less than they paid Banks for the roll, and I can see why. It appears as though they tried to hide the opening of the movie because they realized it was that bad.

This is the kind of mess that I expect from some risqué made for TV Hallmark comedy. Banks’ talent was utterly wasted. Even she couldn’t make this mess shine. A plot more filled with holes than the streets Banks’ walks, and stereotypical characters, followed by some trumped up message, make this movie a miss for me.

Walk of Shame is already available on several streaming sites, if you’re desperate to see Elizabeth Banks. For me, I think I’ll save my money and wait for it’s inevitable premier on Lifetime.  If you don’t believe….watch the Walk of Shame official trailer below:


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