Movie Review: Sabotage (2014)

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This week I watched “Holy Sh@t Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Old”… Sorry, I meant to say I watched Sabotage, but that’s all I can think when I think of that movie.

In “Sabotage”, an elderly Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite DEA task force that takes on the world’s deadliest drug cartels by infiltrating them with senior citizens. Sorry, I just can’t stop. Anyway, Arnold plays DEA agent John “Breacher” Wharton, whose team members are being killed in incredibly gory ways. He investigates the case, to find out which one of his team members is a traitor.

I will say, I like Arnold in this role. It’s not as squeaky clean as the guys he usually plays. He almost reminded me of Vic Mackey in The Shield. He was just as dark and just as morally twisted. While his dialog is stilted at times due to his accent, in this film it works.

The timeline of the movie is a little bit off. The plot drags out through the majority of the movie, and doesn’t get resolved into about the last ten minutes. Then, all the action goes by in the blink of an eye.

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The direction of the movie is gritty and shocking. This prevents it from turning into horror porn and still has an intriguing style. It’s not as goofy as some of the parts Schwarzenegger has played. It’s a bold, ugly movie that will absolutely work for anyone who likes their dramas gritty.

This movie played out a bit like an exploitation flick. Harsh language and harsher scenes are a little bit over the top. Think ‘brains and intestines’ spraying all over the place. I expect that kind of stuff from a tongue in cheek crime movie, but this movie clearly takes itself very seriously.

There is no comic relief at all. The tension is rarely broken, which makes the movie a bit exhausting to watch.

Sabotage isn’t high class. In fact, it feels a little like a movie made for a late night on cable. The plot itself is thrown together, and the mystery isn’t that mysterious. I did enjoy the way it played with the grey area, but the over the top scenes ruined any real dramatic statement. As a result, a movie that could feel like “The Untouchables” instead felt like yet another Rambo sequel.



I’m going to say, I loved the female characters. Mireille Enos plays the team’s bad assed chick, and her first scene starts us off with incredibly high hopes for the movie. It really plods when she’s not around. What I would really like is a movie just about her character; a coke sniffing, thrill seeking dirty cop.

lf you’re looking for something gritty, dark and explosive, Sabotage might be a good choice for you. It’s not exactly a date movie, thanks to its explicit scenes, but it’s good for an audience who doesn’t flinch away from darker action movies.  Watch the Sabotage Official trailer.

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