Movie Review: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – A Recycled Mishmash Of Garbage

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is by far one of the finest movies to be released in years. It is a well written, intelligent film that by no means uses a completely overused premise in order to squeeze more cash out of a dying franchise. This film is a completely fresh, and has a unique take on the genre that has not used the same basic synopsis as the past few movies.

Please note that this review is being written from The Opposite Dimension, where everything I say should be taken with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Do I really need to summarize this? Are we all not familiar with all the other Paranormal Activity movies? Just for the sake of anyone who isn’t familiar with these movies…like any Amish readers out there… the premise of this. Family moves into spooky house. Sees spooky things. Sets up about 30k worth of video equipment and then paranormal activity happens.

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The acting in this one? It was so bad, I thought I was watching a porn without any of the fun bits. No joke, I haven’t seen acting this bad since I watched Ginger Lynn in Vice Academy. The only difference between this and that was that I actually cared about Gingers Lynn’s character in Vice Academy. Sure, I was more worried she’d get herpes than killed by a ghost, but at least I cared.

I didn’t even care about these characters enough to hate them. All I could muster up was a heavy feeling of apathy.

The graphics in this one were awesome, though. There was one point that I thought those bananas were going to come right out of the screen.

Wait a minute…

Never mind, I’m thinking of the new version of Fruit Ninja I both installed and played on my phone in the theater while watching this movie. It was literally so bad that no one cared. In fact, many were far more invested in my game and my quest to break 1000 points and win the magic sizzle sword, than they were invested in this movie.

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Really, really bad. It’s another 90 minutes of bumping around in the dark and waiting for something scary to happen. This time we’re all so desensitized to jump scares that nothing in the movie qualifies as scary. So apparently, they just decided to toss in some Poltergeist stuff as well, complete with a possessed child and a portal to another dimension in a kid’s room.

It’s really nothing more than a recycled mishmash of garbage that we’ve all been sick of since Paranormal Activity 2. Nothing about it is scary. Nothing is fresh and new. They added some higher end effects so they could show something that looks like evil black mold.

If they think that’s scary, they should see my bathtub.

It’s just not worth the watch, but because these movies cost like $8 to make, they’ll probably keep making them until I’m well into my 90s and even the ghosts on camera are using walkers.

So for the movie, not worth that watch. But the new version of Fruit Ninja? I’m giving that 5 out of 5 stars.

We Gave it: 1 Star: Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below

1 star

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