Movie Review: Ouija – Like the real game, All Hype no Substance.

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It’s horror season at the movie theater and one film that has been in the spotlight is the heavily marketed Ouija board. You know, the mystical board game that doesn’t work. I have to admit, I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been done before.

In Ouija, we meet a gang of highly photogenic high school friends who have just lost one of their equally photogenic friends to suicide. Of course, these kids can’t take the hint and elect to contact their friend via a Ouija board (which I’m assuming Hasbro has an excessive stock of and is looking to unload.)

Let’s be honest. Game board movies don’t really do so well. Clue was utterly clueless and Battleship sank pretty fast. But I have to admit, it takes some pretty big cojones to try again.

Cojones aside, the effort still falls a bit flat.

To start off, they had to find a way to contrive to get the main character into her friend’s house in order for the game to work. What do they do? They have a couple of grieving parents ask a teenage girl to house-sit for them. You know, because teenagers are such great house sitters.


Ouija 2014 movie still

Ouija 2014 movie still

On the upside, instead of throwing a massive kegger and destroying all their stuff, our heroine Elaine instead opens a portal to the other side. How this happens isn’t 1000% clear, as teenagers have been messing with Ouija boards for decades. But I guess in a universe where people turn their homes over to the care of a 17-year-old girl, that’s fine.

But it’s not really scary. In fact, the plot is a bit recycled from final destination, with a group of teens being marked for death because they played the wrong game while asking the wrong questions. That’s good enough, but then they have to throw a murder mystery in there as well and everything gets a bit confusing.

There is no gore, and it’s one of the few horrors that earned itself a PG-13 rating, so it might be great for people who don’t like their movies too scary. It comes across not exactly groundbreaking or memorable. The effects however are well done. It’s certainly not a low budget job.

It’s just nothing special. While teenagers might find this movie entertaining, adults might get a little ‘bored’ with Ouija. The scares are recycled from various other films. There’s a jump scare or two as well. But it’s just not that entertaining.

One the upside, they didn’t go with the found footage gimmick, which was great. The cast was proficient but forgettable. Ouija just fails itself with a miserable plot line, or should I say plot lines

Maybe it’s because games are a poor inspiration for movies, or maybe it’s because in an age where you can attend a séance on Skype, no one’s really scared of a board game anymore. For whatever reason, Ouija failed to live up to its hype. Much like the real Ouija game, it’s all hype and no substance. This is one to skip.

WE GAVE IT: 2 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

2 Stars




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