Movie Review: Mom’s Night Out (2014)

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moms-night-out-Tries too hard and fails

1 star

When Christians try too hard to prove how fun they are, you get movies like Mom’s Night Out. Offensive to both genders and utterly out of touch with reality, Mom’s Night Out makes me want to call social services.

In Mom’s Night Out, a group of clichés including the frazzled, stay-at-home mom; the well-meaning, absent dad; the flighty best friend; the snooty restaurant hostess and any other cliché you can cram in there are interact in this jumbled, ridiculous mess of a comedy.

While you’re trying to cipher that mess, you’ll get interrupted with over the top chirpy narrative and helpful graphics. It seriously like someone meant to write a sitcom, went on too long, and wound up with a terrible movie instead.

The characters are completely out of touch with reality. I’m sorry, but I don’t know any mom who can’t leave the damn house because the men in their lives are grunting morons who are incapable of providing for another human being for 2 hours. I think the moral of this story is ‘if you go out, your family will fall apart.” Honestly, if there were gay bashing in it, I’d think the screenplay was written by Kirk Cameron.


Either go cute cozy comedy, or go extreme. But don’t try to give me a Christian version of The Hangover. It just doesn’t work.

The one bright shining gem, the flower that grew out of this pot of dirt, was Mr. Trace Atkins, who seems to have a natural talent on the screen. He plays a biker with a heart of gold that gets the movies message across without it coming across preachy. He was naturally suited for the roll and it’s a damn shame that the rest of the movie wasn’t as good as the parts that he was in.

The characters are surprisingly appealing. But the movie doesn’t work. They picked great leads, but gave them clichéd characters that really have no place in reality. The antics were over the top and the plot itself required a serious suspense of logic.

moms night out 8


Also, tattoo parlors haven’t been scary or intimidating since Miami Ink came out in 2005. Would it have been too hard to have these ladies at least go to a dive bar? I mean, that’s where I go on Mom’s Night Out. Things would have been a lot more plausible.

If you like your comedies extremely light on funny, then you can check out Mom’s Night Out. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s worth the watch. It’s a movie that tries too hard and fails, despite an incredibly appealing cast. While it doesn’t go over the top preachy, you’re left to wonder, why focus on the Christen element at all?

Mom’s night out is a formulaic movie that relies heavily on plot coincidences and leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. There is already enough guilt involved in being a mom. We don’t need to also be convinced that the world will fall apart if we go out for three hours.  If you are still interested watch the official trailer below:

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