Movie Review: The LEGO Movie (2014)

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Lego Movie posterIt’s Nice When All the Pieces Come Together

5 Stars

The Lego movie is both smashing the box office right now, and killing with the critics. It has a clever storyline with great effects that are fun for the whole family. This is the type of kid’s movie that adults will go to even if they don’t have kids.

The Lego Movie tells a story about a regular Joe construction worker named Emmet (voice of Chris Pratt). Emmet is mistaken for “The Special,” a master builder prophesied to save the world. Emmet is up against Lord Business (Will Ferrell) who has a plan to destroy the world. With sidekicks including Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett), and Vituvius (Morgan Freeman), Emmet seeks to fulfill the prophesy. They go on a long journey, where they meet everyone from Abraham Lincoln to C3PO and they break more stuff than they fix.

Co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller made it a point of staying true to the Lego style. When an apartment gets flooded, it gets flooded with Lego water. When there is a fire, it’s Lego fire. The intentional clumsiness of the camera work ensures that the viewers see every piece in the landscape is Legos.


The film is bright and colorful, though I saw it in 2D so I can’t speak for the 3D version. From what I saw, the visuals were absolutely spectacular. The movie is computer generated, but it was designed to look like stop action, and it plays it off wonderfully.

The storyline flowed and the dialog was snappy and fun. The scenes are enough to make even adults laugh out loud, including one that every adult will understand when the lead is charged $37 for a coffee. The clever characters including the consistently optimistic Emmet and the klutzy Batman will keep laughs coming. The movie is one laugh after another, but it never gets tiring.

The voice talent in this film was top notch. Will Arnett did the traditional Batman grumble and was the stand out star as far as I was concerned. Morgan Freeman was also fantastic, as a Gandalph style leader running the show. Of course, it’s Morgan Freeman; I once listened to that guy talk about penguins for 2 hours. You can’t go wrong with that voice. As anticipated, Will Ferrell was an excellent, over the top bad guy. No one fell down on the job in voicing their characters.



This rarely happens to me, but I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the movie. Even the snappy upbeat score, by Mark Mothersbaugh was cute, catchy and just a bit tongue in cheek, which fit the movie perfectly. You’ll find yourself humming the Devo style “Everything is Awesome” for days after.

This is a movie that is on par to become one of the greats, right up there with Toy Story. Clever dialog, a fun plot and absolutely astounding visuals will keep everyone in the family enthralled. This is a PG movie that was made for adults.  Watch the Trailer below:

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