Movie Review: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013)

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bad-grandpa-movie-posterBad Grandpa is a Good Time

4 stars

Whenever I see a ‘Jackass Presents” in front of something, I know I’m guaranteed more than a few uncomfortable laughs. That is what Bad Grandpa is. More than a few laughs at someone else’s expense and a whole lot of fun.

For Bad Grandpa, Jackass adapted their Bad Grandpa prank character and made a plot focused movie about him. 86 year-old Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) is stuck on a cross country trip with his 8-year-old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll). Old Irving’s goal is to drop young Billy off with his dad, so he can go back to chasing ‘tail’ (as he likes to put it). On their way, they encounter a variety of strangers that they verbally attack, confuse or both.

Bad Grandpa is mainly the practical joke skit from the Jackass Show, played with a plot. This hidden camera movie features more than a few laugh out loud moments as the make-up wearing Knoxville horrifies a wide range of unsuspecting victims. In more than a few scenes, he hits on unsuspecting women with a few of his signature quips like “might be too old to stir the gravy, but I can still lick the spoon!” [more…]

There is a lot of crude humor as well, which is to be expected from a Johnny Knoxville movie. In one scene, Irving gets his member stuck in a soda machine. In another, horrified passersby’s watch as he encourages 8 year-old Billy to chug a beer at a picnic table. Near the end, he gets his 8 year old grandson to enter a beauty contest in drag.


Knoxville isn’t a million percent convincing as an old man. The makeup is pretty good, but the voice just isn’t there. However, Billy is his eager to please, up for anything self in the movie and never fails to engage in a good time with his ‘Bad Grandpa”.


There are some surprisingly sweet moments in the film, where Grandpa bonds with Billy. The storyline is predictable, but it’s expected to be. This is more of a Borat style film. The story is for the sake of the character, but the real reason to watch is for the jokes.

Keep in mind that Bad Grandpa isn’t Bruno or Borat. They’re not trying to make a political statement through satire and humor. They’re just trying to have a good time and shock the hell out of some innocent bystanders. While Bad Grandpa probably isn’t as good as some of the prior Jackass movies, and it doesn’t have the same level of heart as Bad Santa, it’s still a good time.

If you are the easily offended type, Bad Grandpa is not the movie for you. The jokes focus around social taboos, sexual situations and body fluid jokes. However, if you were a fan of any of the Jackass movies, then Bad Grandpa will probably be right up your alley. This is Johnny Knoxville at his ‘offending sensitive strangers’ best and there doesn’t seem to be anything little Billy won’t do for a laugh.

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