Movie Review: Insidious Chapter 2 – Was This Supposed to be Hilarious?

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insidious 2 Movies like these make me wonder why anyone buys Victorian style houses. I mean, from everything I’ve seen, anything listed as “Victorian style” guarantees someone is getting murdered. Psycho, The Haunting, The Amityville Horror, all these people could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they’d just rented a nice condo instead.

In Insidious Chapter 2, Josh and Renai Lambert, played by stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, are apparently trying to decide if Josh is really being possessed by an angry old woman, or if he’s just super in-touch with his grumpy old lady feminine side. The movie goes though a few confusing bounces between time periods, flashing back to Josh as a boy, and forward to him as a possessed adult.

The film starts out in 1986, where the friendly neighborhood medium Elise (Lindsay Seim) is called to find out what might be haunting young Josh. After multiple warnings from Josh, Elise wanders into a closet and gets scratched on the arm. Presumably, due to an immense fear of tetanus, Elise then makes young Josh (Garrett Ryan)  forget about his astral projection abilities.

Because that kind of stuff always turns out well.

Anyway, flash forward 25 years and we find Renai getting questioned about the death of Elise. As her husband might be a killer and is behaving oddly, they all decide that the best course of action is to move back to Josh’s childhood home, where all the problems started in the first place.

Hey, if it wasn’t for idiots, horror movies would never get made.

What follows is a bunch of close encounters with scary ghosts which would have had most normal people checking into a Holiday Inn. Elise returns as the friendly ghost and through dice, tells them all to head on over to Our Lady of Angels. Lorraine (Barbara Hershey)  tells a story about Parker Crane, a cross dressing serial killer who killed himself by jumping off the roof of the hospital. [more…]

They decide to continue their haunted house tour on to Parkers house, where they learn the story of “The Dark Bride” AKA “The Guy With the Worst Serial Killer Name Ever”. There’s also this moment that is supposed to be some kind of “AHA!” moment, where they learn that it hasn’t been Elise communicating with them from the other side. It was Parker’s mother.


Insidious 2 trailer  (Screengrab)

Because when the story is dragging on with no resolution, you might as well toss a few more characters in there that no one cares about.  They all go home to be attacked by the possessed Josh, who has his own ‘here’s Johnny’ moment as he hammers his way through some drywall using a fire extinguisher.

Anyway, this complicated mess of a movie was more confusing than scary. The scares are completely predictable, with the frequently overused ‘dead quiet, followed by something jumping out’, being done to death. There’s a funny, but not supposed to be, moment where the scary mother yells at little serial killer Parker, who wasn’t being girly enough for her liking. In addition, there is allegedly a scary part with noises coming over a baby monitor. At which point, I actually thought “Oh no! Someone is using a radio too close to the baby monitor”. “Ghost activity’ was pretty far down on my list of possibilities.

As far as this movie goes, Insidious Chapter 2, was anything but insidious. Innocuous, yes. Incomprehensible? Absolutely. But as for insidious enough to compare to its predecessor, Insidious Chapter 2 just fell flat.

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