Movie Review: Inside the Storm – My Morals were Compromised as I cheered for the Tornado

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You ever wondered what would have happened if the movie Twister was filmed on iPhones and wasn’t… good? Wonder no more, but be warned, this movie is tornado porn.

Inside the Storm is set in a little hellhole called Silverton, where for 24 hours the town is attacked by tornados. While many seek shelter, a few of these brave (i.e. stupid) people choose to take the opportunity to film the storms. We follow professional storm chasers, amateur camera men and other people apparently born without the fear (or common sense) gene as they film this deadly storm. All of the characters introduced are pretty much meaningless because not only is there no one really famous, they are just a distraction from the real star of the film, the storms!

I’m going to start off this review with a plea. I’m not usually the begging type, but this has gone on long enough. Please, Hollywood, please, stop with the found footage filming. Yes, I know it’s cheap, but it’s about as easy as watching a movie set inside a blender. After a few seconds, I mainly just get dizzy.

Also, The Blair Witch Project (which started all this found footage mess) was stupid. Get over it.

This movie is guaranteed to be compared to Twister from 1996, when it would be better compared to Sharknado. The premise is about as likely. At one point, because the tornados aren’t enough, they introduce one that’s on fire; that’s when you abandon all morals and you just want this sucker to “Do Work”

Into the storm 3

into the storm 2

I’m not saying this movie isn’t fun. There’s one particularly enjoyable ride through the tornado, and plenty of carnage, but it feels wrong to enjoy it. I mean, tornados kill people every year (including around 350 in 2011) and it seems sick to get some kind of vicarious thrill out of it. What next? Action porn about September 11th?

John Swetnam’s script is pretty basic, sort of like the plot to a porno movie. It’s there so you can still say it’s a movie but adds little to why you are in the theater. The ending wraps up in a neat little bow, all sitcom style, with everyone learning a valuable lesson…thanks to the tornados that decimated their home town and destroyed everything they owned.

Usually, the worst part of the tornado for a town is recovering from the aftermath. These people seem far too cheerful over the fact that their quaint little home town now looks like one of the rougher parts of Western Sudan.

Any attempts are heartfelt just get hokey. The dialog is poorly thought out and filled with holes. A teenage boy can read complicated weather equipment and determine “it’s getting worse’? It felt like someone gave an improv group a really big budget and said ‘go to town’.

So they made this.

As a tornado flick, it wasn’t sensitive enough to compare to Twister, nor hideously bad enough to be Sharknado. It’s simply a forgettable effort. If you can get over the guilt of cheering for national disasters that ruin the lives of millions, if you just want a brainless, sensational special effects bonanza then go for it. Otherwise my recommendation is to wait this storm out.

WE GAVE IT: 3 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!



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