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Hours 1Maybe Walker’s Best Performance

4 stars

I felt the need to see this film because it was one of the last released films starring Paul Walker, who passed away following a car accident on November 30, 2013. Released posthumously, it might be one of the last opportunities to see Paul Walker play something beside a guy driving a car really fast.

Hours is a suspenseful twister based during Hurricane Katrina. In it, Nolan Hayes (Walker) rushes his pregnant wife Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez) to the hospital on a very unlucky day to go into labor, i.e. August 29, 2005. To top it off, Hayes’ daughter is premature and must be on a ventilator until her lungs are fully formed. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, but when Hurricane Katrina bashes in the windows of the hospital lobby, it becomes a problem. As the power dies and Nolan has to keep his daughter alive with a hand crank respirator, he is forced to fend off looters and fight to stay awake.

Of course, the movie isn’t all tension. As the storm rages and Nolan tries to keep his daughter alive, he tells the store about how he and Abigail met, which is a cute rom/com story that shouldn’t fit, but does. [more…]


One of the biggest tragedies of this movie is that Paul Walker will never get to get the praise he so deserved for his performance. It is no exaggeration to say this is the best performance of Paul Walkers career. I’m not just giving him ‘dead guy’ sympathy. If he was terrible, I would have just said he was terrible. Instead, he was fantastic and it’s a damn shame that he won’t be able to carry on what was an incredibly promising career.

Hours is a virtual one-man-show but it manages to stay suspenseful and captivating. In addition, it focuses on Katrina without exploiting Katrina, which is a hard balance when dealing with any kind of disaster movie.

Also many props are due to screenwriter Eric Heisserer. It’s surprising that this movie was so compelling; considering that his only other credits include movies like Final Destination 5 and that awful Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Apparently, Walker wasn’t the only one expanding his range with this movie.



My one big gripe of this film was the death of Abigail, who dies in childbirth. It was way too much of a forced plot device. If this had been set in Victorian England, in the 1800’s, I would understand the ‘died in childbirth’ plot. However, it was set in Louisiana in 2005…before Katrina. If the wife had been killed as a result of the storm, it would have made a bit more sense then just a passing mention that she died in childbirth.

This film is both a triumph and a tragedy. Walker was clearly trying to break out of his Fast and Furious mold and return to the more compelling parts he played, like in Pleasantville or Flags of Our Fathers. And break of out the mold he did. If only he had lived long enough to reap the benefits.

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