Movie Review: The Grand Seduction (2014)

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the-grand-seductionA comedy that is not Grand, not Seductive and not much of a comedy

2.5 Stars

Despite the name, The Grand Seduction is not a sex movie. In fact, it’s incredibly sweet, and incredibly clever. It actually reminded me a bit of the Michael J. Fox classic, Doc Hollywood.

In a small fishing village, jobs and the economy are on the line as the acting Mayor Murray French (Brendan Gleeson) tries to secure a lucrative big business contract. Their only problem is the fact that they have no doctor in town; a fact that could keep them from landing that contract. Luckily, big city doctor Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) lands in their town, and it’s up to the residents to get him to stay.

This is not a sweet innocent story, like you would expect in the premise. Most of the residents in town are scamming welfare, including the mayor who is collecting a dead friend’s check. The doctor himself is stuck in the town because he got busted with cocaine in his carry on at the airport. I liked the fact that they didn’t turn everyone into a bunch of goody-goody characters. These people were realistic, if a little bit gritty.

The premise is nothing that hasn’t been down before. Big city person becomes charmed by small town shenanigans. But the characters play it off well and the leads brought their own charm to the roles.

The Grand Seduction 1

This is a drama that’s a little bit too heavy for the premise, and I think the more humor would have made the movie a lot better. The scenery is drab and the drab mood of the townspeople is almost too heavy and depressing. It doesn’t have its moments, but for the most part watches a lot like a depressing Lifetime movie.

The speeches get a bit sanctimonious and over the top, and they drag on for a bit too long. It plays like all doctors have a responsibility to live wherever they’re needed, regardless of low pay. The problem with that kind of statement is the fact that most doctors have already made a lot of sacrifices to get where they are, including racking up 6 figures of student loans.

This movie would have played better as a comedy. It was a bit too whiney for me to enjoy it. I’m sorry, but if I need medical treatment and there is no one in town, I’ll go to the next town. I won’t take a trip to the local butcher.

Especially in a country that has a socialist medicine policy.

The Grand Seduction 3


Unlike Doc Hollywood, there really is no kind of character connection. You don’t feel Paul fall in love with the town. Instead, you feel like he got guilt-tripped into staying.

In a drama, it’s a lot harder to deal with plot holes, and the plot holes in this movie are gigantic. I’m sorry, but in the post 9-11 world, you just can’t bribe an airport security official who catches you with coke in your carry one. Not to mention, once Paul is in the town that he clearly doesn’t want to go to visit, why does he stay?

The Grand Seduction is cute and charming, but not all together memorable. It’s still watchable, if a little bit heavy. This is a film that would appear to older audience rather than younger ones.  Watch the Official trailer below.




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