Movie Review: The Fluffy Movie (2014) – Iglesias strikes the right balance between Emotional and Hilarious

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the fluffy movie

I’ve always been a fan of Gabriel Iglesias. He’s just one of those comics that I find utterly adorable and completely hilarious at the same time. So when I learned he was releasing a 90 minute movie about his most recent tour, I decided to check it out.

This movie is a rare attempt to bring a comedy special to the box office, as opposed to cable. It was filmed during Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias’ “Unity Through Laughter” tour, which spanned 23 countries and more than 400 cities. The majority of the film focuses on his routine as performed at an arena in San Jose. It’s a pretty straight forward comedy special.

I’ll be honest; I was worried that I wasn’t going to like this movie, which would have been a shame because I love Iglesias. Honestly, putting a comedy show in the box office, when most comics release their tours on Comedy Central was a risky move. At this point, it doesn’t really appear that the risky move paid off, as the film only grossed about $1.3 million. While that would be great for an indie, it’s not so great for a wide release movie.

That’s a shame because this is a comedy special that really is worth paying to go see. It’s not a bunch of recycled material, which I was also worried about. Instead, this movie features a newly emotional Iglesias commenting on things that he’s never really talked about before.

One thing was his battle with weight loss, where he makes jokes about telling a nurse he weighed 445 pounds, and her making him get on the scale to verify it. To which he responds; “Why would I make up 445 pounds?”

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He digs into stepparent problems, talking about his bratty teenage stepson. He even talks about his reunion with the father who abandoned him as a child. In this comedy special, Iglesias digs deep and it shows. For much of the movie, it feels like you’re having a very one sided conversation with an extremely funny friend.

Of course, there were bits and Iglesias using his mimicry gift, including one particularly funny bit about traveling to India, so it’s not all heartfelt emotion. In fact, Iglesias strikes the right balance between emotional and hilarious to make this one of his best performances to date.

It’s good to see him move into more personal stuff, as this is what the comic greats do. Consider George Carlin and Richard Pryor, both gifted comics who could take their own personal experiences and make them funny. In the past, Iglesias has just been surface funny, but in the movie he moved well past the surface and into an area that might not just make him memorable, but will instead make him one to emulate.

Iglesias is a first rate storyteller. While getting to the punch line might take a while, the road there is filled with laughs. If you’re a fan of Iglesias, then it is totally worth seeing this movie in the theater. It might be The Fluffy Movie, but it is by no means fluff.

WE GAVE IT: 4  Stars: Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below

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