Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

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fault-our-stars-movie-posterAn absolute classic tear Jerker

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The Fault in our Stars is currently killing at the box office and wrecking it with critics as well. This combination of commercial and critical success is so rare, that I felt the absolute need to see the movie, no matter how likely it was going to be to depress the hell out of me.

Our protagonist is Hazel (Shailene Woodley of Divergent, The Spectacular Now and The Descendants) who has been dealing with a particular thyroid cancer since she was young. Due to her condition, and the fact that she drags around an oxygen tank, she becomes isolated. Concerned, her parents (Laura Dern and Sam Trammell) get her to start going to as cancer treatment group. There, she meets Gus (Ansel Elgort), a young amputee. Hazel and Gus develop a relationship while cheerfully ignoring the elephant in the room; Hazels impending death sentence from her terminal cancer.

Talk about tear jerker right? What makes this movie even more heartbreaking is that the two actors have turned their characters into the most charming people on the planet. The character development is fantastic and the leads have a great chemistry together. Which makes me feel a little weird, because the two played brother and sister in Divergent.


That should make me feel icky, but it really doesn’t. I actually didn’t remember them from Divergent until about halfway through the film. It’s amazing what a good script can do.

This is a movie that goes for heart wrenching and wins. It really feels like a true to life view of a girl dying of cancer and how the people around her are preparing to cope with that loss. Hazel’s conflicts, including not wanting to start a relationship when she knows she’s on the way out, as well as her desire to live as normal a life as possible during the time she has left are realistic, heartbreaking and beautifully acted.

It’s easy to go the wrong way with a ‘girl dying of cancer’ movie. You can do it realistically, like in Terms of Endearment or you can really screw it up, like “A Little Bit of Heaven.”


They hit the nail on the head in this one. There’s enough humor to make you become attached to the leads, while not so much that you feel like they’re making fun of people with cancer. This movie, while heavy, has its light hearted moments that keep it from turning into a Lifetime weep fest.

I’m a bit reminded of “A Walk to Remember”, thought I will say that this movie was lighter and the female lead was much more appealing. I like the way they made Hazel flawed, rather than the stereotypical brave cancer martyr.

Ansel Elgort was much more memorable in this movie than he was in Divergent. His talent really seemed to shine through in this movie, and he really showed some serious skill. I think this is a lead we’re going to be hearing a lot more about in the future.

If you’re not afraid of crying in public, then The Fault in Our Stars is easily worth the watch. But if you prefer to do your crying in private, you might want to wait until this movie comes out on video. Believe this, The Fault in Our Stars is an absolute classic tear jerker.  Watch the official trailer below

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