Movie Review: Fast 7 (2015) – Utterly Ridiculous, Ridiculously fun!

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Furious 7 is managing an 80%+ approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Is it pity points for Paul Walker’s untimely death? Or is it more related to the fact that this one feels a lot like a final Bromance letter from Vin Diesel to Paul Walker. I choose to believe the latter.

This one occurs shortly after the events of Tokyo Drift. Paul Walker is back as Brian, the now married partner in crime to Dom (Vin Diesel). The team is on another mission, with the help of martial arts expert Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who is Dom’s wife; the class clown Roman (Tyrese Gibson); and the tech wiz Tej (Ludacris)—to combat a double-barreled assault. Deckard Shaw (Jason Stratham) is up to no good, planning to kill them all with the help of kidnapped hacker Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel). Ramsey has built a little gismo that allows him to be able to track the team across the globe, whether they be driving through a prince’s party in Abu Dhabi, or zipping through the Caucasus Mountains.

The action is just as powerful as the original, with cars spending so much time airborne that they might as well be planes. The sheer audacity of the ridiculous car chases and battle sequences put this film purely in the ridiculous realm.

Ridiculously fun, I mean.

This is a series that’s more than willing to make fun of itself and the audience is in on the joke. The action might be over the top, but that’s what makes it work. The movie is almost a cartoon in its insanity, but it’s a fun cartoon, with well choreographed fight scenes, bright bold colors and cars that will have most grease monkeys drooling like they’re looking at a centerfold.

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The script is clichéd. The bad guy’s motivation is the old “I’m avenging my brother” trope, despite the fact that said dead brother was a complete ‘rhymes with mickhead’ that kind of deserved to die. Everyone fits into the same old stereotype that they did in other movies. But regardless of the fact that this movie recycles plotlines, and characters, it’s a fun, exciting film to watch as long as you remember to not take it too seriously.

The direction is well done and there’s no ‘fighting in the dark’. Everything is filmed in full color, in all its over the top glory. There are different venues and exciting locales and some well done CGI trickery. As an action movie, it wins.

My biggest gripe was that this one was way too long. It feels like they allowed the director to put out the director’s cut, simply because this was Walker’s last film. While I appreciate the respect they showed his character, my numb backside didn’t. By the time the movie was over, I couldn’t feel my legs.

Despite that, this was a fun exciting movie that was definitely worth the watch. I didn’t expect much, considering it was sequel 7, but I underestimated the power of ridiculous. If you’re in the mood for some pure entertainment, then Furious 7 is absolutely worth the watch.

WE GIVE IT: 4.5 STARS!  Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below.

four and a half stars


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