Movie Review: Divergent (2014)

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Divergent_film_posterA terrible movie and it is going to make millions!

1 star

The current leader at the movie theaters is yet another powerhouse coming from a tween novel. Divergent is set in an alternate universe, where segregation is the hippest new trend.

The story of Divergent is this. In a rigidly structured, dystopian future, one extraordinary girl will serve either as its destroyer or its savior. Does that sound familiar? It should. It’s been the premise of every damn tween novel adapted into a movie since 2010. Why? Because teens eat this stuff up!

You have moderately attractive (though not so attractive as to be intimidating) Tris Prior, the girl next door on whom the world depends. Needless to say, she’s special in an un-special universe. The part is played by Shailene Wooley, which is a shame. She is a very talented young actress who probably would have been better served with a more original role. Unfortunately for Wooley, she’d going to get compared to Jennifer Lawrence and is going to come up lacking.

And it’s through no fault of her own. She makes the role shine, but the entire movie is grey, uninspired and unoriginal. It’s been done before and it’s been done better. Her supporting actors do nothing for her and really give no chemistry at all. Her male lead Four (Theo James) is broody and tattooed, just like the teen girls like them.DIVERGENT

In short, this is a terrible movie and it is going to make millions! It has the perfect recipe for success in the teen girl demographic. The lead is approachable and not ridiculously attractive, which makes most girls feel like they can be her. The heartthrob is suitably heart throbby. Individualism is special and the adults are keeping everyone down.

It’s straight up genius. In addition, keep costs down by doing the whole thing is sepia tone, so no one can see the obviously computer generated special effects. Toss in a lesson about drugs being bad and you’re done.

Why am I still writing movie reviews when I could just be doing that? Seriously this could be done mad-lib style.

divergent 1

(Weird Girl name) is the only one who can (action) the (place). With the help of her broody male sidekick (insert name of any object that could sound like a boy’s name. Brick, Four, Spoon, whatever) she will fight to overcome (shady government organization) and (heroic action).

Using that, I could spit out about 4 of these bad boys a year! Ka-ching!

Really, Divergent is nothing new or exciting. Fans of the novels will flock. Teenage girls who like bad boys chasing average heroines will flock. Critics will pan it, but that won’t matter. Divergent is the Hollywood machine in full force and it’s rolling over the competition.

Here is the official Trailer!




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