Movie Review: Devil’s Due (2014)

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Devils DueDevil’s POO!

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Awesome…another found footage movie. Please read that first sentence with a heavy sarcastic slant. I’m going to be honest here. I knew I would hate this movie. I knew that I would hate this movie because it is yet another Paranormal rip off where someone decides to record every moment of their life, never runs out of batteries and never drops the camera. I knew I was going to hate it, but I watched it anyway, if only because I am a glutton for punishment.

Devil’s Due is an updated version of “Rosemary’s Baby” and an incredibly poor adaption. In this film, Zach and Sam (Zach Gilford and Allison Miller), are newlyweds dealing with a common situation; pregnancy after a honeymoon. That common situation gets less common when Sam starts eating raw meat and attacking strangers. Then, Zach jumps into action by following her around with a video camera, adding the tired ‘found footage’ gimmick to this disjointed mess of a movie. [more…]

There is not one single plot point in this movie that hasn’t been thoroughly recycled. The plot is straight out of Rosemary’s Baby, while the camera work is straight out of an iPhone held by someone with Palsy. Calling this film a horror movie is a bit of a stretch, because there isn’t one scary moment in the entire thing.

Devils Due 4

Of course, like just about every found footage movie, it all comes back to Satan worship and Satan’s evil minions giving a helping hand. You wouldn’t figure there would be quite so many devil worshippers around, but whatever. I guess worshipping the devil comes with a great health plan or something.

Even worse, the ending is as incredibly weak as the entire rest of the movie. There is no climax, just more boredom.

There are a few unintentionally laughable moments. Like where the idiot couple becomes convinced that all of Sam’s crazy symptoms are typical of any pregnancy. Because eating raw meat, having super strength and carving satanic symbols into the floor are completely normal. I think they cover that in a chapter of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”.

Eye roll.

Nothing about this movie is fresh and new. It is all been there, done that and it’s all been done before better. The actors in this movie aren’t memorable, but you can’t really blame that on them. It’s that their roles aren’t memorable because they have been so heavily recycled that the leads could have been replaced with monkeys without making much of a difference.

Devils Due  3

Devils Due 2

Jump scares abound, but no one was scared. Seriously, I have never been in such a dead quiet theater. I’m pretty sure half of the audience was sleeping.

It’s no surprise that this movie came out in January. January is the dumping ground for films that movie studios have absolutely no faith in. Hopefully, they are starting to get the fact that found footage movies just aren’t fun anymore. They are tired, lazy efforts that are getting more obnoxious and less entertaining. Devil’s Due is no exception.  Watch the full official trailer below:

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