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baggage-claim-movie-2013-poster-1 Will Someone in the TSA Please Taze Baggage Claim?

What is it about romantic comedies? They can either be incredible (see; The Wedding Singer) or absolutely horrible (see Fools Gold…or anything else with Kate Hudson). Unfortunately for Baggage Claim, they are neatly nestled in the latter category.

Let’s start with the premise. Montana Moore (Paula Patton) a flight attendant with a porn star name, has just learned that her little sister is getting married…insert case of feminine hysterics. Now, Montana has 30 days to find and get engaged so her sister won’t ‘win’. With the help of her sassy best friend Gail Best (Jill Scott), and her stereotypical gay friend Sam (Adam Brody), she is going to break every flight regulation possible and use her airline to hunt down all her ex boyfriends. Then, she’ll ‘accidentally’ bump into all of them when they inevitably come to her airport. Little does she know that Mr. Right is right in front of her!

Literally, her love interest’s name is Mr. F–ing Wright. Apparently, someone thought that was clever.

There are two major flaws with this movie that keep it from taking off in any way. First, it’s insulting to BOTH genders. Second, it requires a suspension of belief usually only reserved for science fiction…bad science fiction.

Baggage Claim Movie Still 3

Let’s start on how it’s insulting to woman. [more…]The entire premise of the story is that Montana MUST get married in order to not dishonor the family (because this movie takes place in 1950’s Japan). Her little sister, who is about to drop out of school to get married is winning. Screw Montana having a good career and all that. The only thing that matters is how many sheep and cows they are going to turn over for her dowry. Sorry, got confused again. While watching this, I kept checking the credits to see when it was made. Every time I saw 2013, I got a little more lost.

Next, they guys get nailed as well. Men did not get treated nicely in this film. Every single guy was a stereotype in some way. They had married guy, flashy guy, narcissist, and more stereotypes I didn’t bother to remember. The movie stumbles through an unfunny bad date montage and climaxes with the requisite ‘love was with me all the time’ William Wright (Derek Luke) professing his undying love. There was no male character in this movie that wasn’t either a complete jerk, or a doormat.

Baggage Claim Movie Still 2

Baggage Claim Movie Still 1

Let’s get on with the suspension of belief.

First of all, the characters mess with the airline scheduling system in order to stalk Montana’s exes. I can’t even get a bottle of shampoo on a plane without getting tackled by security. How are three people messing with the entire friggen flight plan…with no apparent fear of going to federal prison?

Next, ALL of Montana’s exes go through her airport, coincidentally, within the next 30 days. They brush this coincidence off by explaining that it’s the holidays, so everyone is traveling. I wasn’t buying it. I could buy the guys all deciding to travel for the holidays. I could even buy them all deciding to fly. What I couldn’t buy was the fact that Montana apparently worked at the only available airport in the entire United States.

With a storyline stuck in a time warp, clichéd characters and bigger plot holes than the Grand Canyon, Baggage Claim is best left with the unclaimed baggage.

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