Movie Review: Addicted (2014) – A Superficial, Over the top, Hunky Cinemax Movie

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Two words for the reason I watched this movie: Boris Kodjoe. I love that guy and could seriously look at him for hours. Unfortunately, the second he opens his mouth, he kind of ruins the effect. Boris tends to play the character of a good guy that doesn’t really exist. The endlessly supportive, loving, and freakishly handsome husband that most women would only find in their dream journal.

In this movie, we meet Zoe Reynard (Sharon Leal) who has a life that most people could only dream about. She had a flourishing career, two adorable kids and a smoking hot husband (Boris Kodjoe). Despite all this, the ungrateful finds herself drawn to temptations she can’t resist… especially one in the form of Quinton Canosa (William Levy) and another in the form of Cory (Tyson Beckford).

The movie is supposed to be about the struggle of sex addiction for the female lead. Instead, it comes off as Cinamax soft core pornography. I’m sorry, but if my biggest problem is ‘which one of these incredibly beautiful men do I want to have sex with’ then I’d say I don’t have any problems at all. Jeez, I mean she’s nailing Boris Kodjoe and Tyson Beckford at the same friggen time. Her problems sound like something I’d wish for from a magic genie.




So while we’re supposed to be sympathizing with this chick, most women just want to stab her with a pair of scissors.

The addiction is hard to take seriously because of the ridiculous beauty of the leads. Most women with sex addictions are willing to settle down with just about anything for the night, not two hot male supermodels who are the reason for sex addiction in the first place.

The real and serious issues are played out melodramatically and doesn’t portray sex addiction in a realistic light at all. How Zoe deals with it is wrapped up in such a 12-Step bow that you’re led to suspect that no one who worked on this movie has ever met an addict in real life. Addiction is a disease and a life long struggle. It’s not something you can cure with a daily affirmation.



Oh, and the ever present shrink should have her damn medical license stripped. After nearly getting busted rubbing one out in her office, her useless shrink doesn’t even offer a damn prescription for such a severe and obvious case of borderline personality disorder. The shrink was about as helpful as an internet meme. Hell, she probably gave Zoe the sex addiction in the first place. If I went to my doctor, and told her I’d done something that crazy, she would have sent me for a CT scan to look for the brain tumor I so obviously must have, not hand me a pamphlet for a support group.

This is also a warning to people who might think it’s a great date night movie… it’s not. This movie is so sex-centric it would be like taking someone to a sex toy shop on your first date. There are only so many times I can watch someone masturbate on screen, in a room full of other people, before I start feeling really weird about it.

My suggestion for seeing this movie? Watch it at home, alone and on mute, just like any other late night Cinemax movie.

WE GAVE IT: 3 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!




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