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MST 29JUN2014 - 1Just as good, if not better, than the Original.

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This week at the theater, sequels rule the box office. As I was a fan of the first updated version of 21 Jump Street, I elected to check out the sequel.

22 Jump Street takes off directly after the boys have graduated high school (for the second time). This time around they are heading off to go undercover at a local college. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) gets involved in the Bohemian Art scene while Jenko (Channing Tatum) meets a kindred spirit on the football team. Thanks to those different paths, the guys start to wonder if their partnership is the best partnership for them. While the two start to grow apart, they also have to uncover a drug ring without blowing their covers.

I’ll be honest; this movie is the exact same script as the first time around. Only the scenery changes. But that didn’t stop it from working. Clever one liners, snappy dialog and endearing characters make this just as funny as the original.

Hill still has that magical, self-depreciating humor and dead pan delivery. Tatum plays buffoonery like it’s an art form.

MST 29JUN2014 - 2

In the first edition, some of the best parts came at the car chases. This second time around is no exception and the car chases still have that fantastic cartoonish quality that makes them both hilarious and suspenseful.

Capt. Dickson (Ice Cube) is back and running things out of a Vietnamese church this time. Expect some fantastic back and forth between the boy’s antics and Ice Cube’s perpetually pissed take on the character. What I like is that all the characters are fully aware of how similar the story line is to the first one and they don’t shy away from that. In fact, Capt. Dickson goes as far as to tell the characters to do ‘the exact same thing you did last time’.

This rendition goes deeper into the relationship between Schmidt and Jenko, even going as far as to send the duo to couples therapy. There is much bro love and bro jealousy in this film and it is played off well by Tatum and Hill, thanks to their incredible chemistry.

Dare I say it? Hill and Tatum could possibly be the next Hollywood it couple.

MST 29JUN2014 - 5

MST 29JUN2014 - 3

There are some clever female love interests in the movie, but they really take a back seat to the couple that is Hill and Tatum. These two are so endearing it’s impossible to not root for them.

If you were a fan of the original, then you will not be let down by 22 Jump Street. This sequel is just as good, if not better, than the original. As long as they keep the dialog fantastic and the gags hilarious, I’d have no problem going to watch 23 Jump Street or any other sequel they decide to make, no matter how many times they keep the same story line.

If you are looking for a great comedy, even if you’ve never seen 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street is absolutely worth the watch.  Watch the official trailer below:




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