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her-movie-posterVery Necessary for Our Generation

5 Stars

Are you someone who can’t live without your Siri app on your iPhone? Then chances are you will completely get where the protagonist in the movie ‘Her’ is coming from.

Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is a man who is lonely, introverted and just trying to get over his pending divorce from Catherine (Rooney Mara). Then, he gets a new operating system with an artificial intelligence upgrade. This upgrade comes in the form of Samantha, a program much like Siri, only it has the ability to think and learn. As Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson), get more and more involved in Theodore’s life, he becomes more and more dependant on her. Soon, the two are in a relationship and everyone is chiming in with their opinions.

Her might sound weird, but it’s actually a charming love story. It plays like a romantic comedy with just a bit of a sci-fi twist. It’s also a very clever commentary on our current reliance on technology. [more…]

Joaquin Phoenix was magnificent as the lonely guy Theodore. He played out just the right amount of wounded awkwardness and innocence to come off as a convincing lonely guy. In addition, I have to give props for the makeup crew on this one. They managed to play down Phoenix’s good looks so we wouldn’t be wondering why a guy that hot would be dating his cell phone.


Johansson had an even tougher part to play. She never appears onscreen in any form, so she only had her voice to rely on in order to get her feelings to come off as genuine. She managed to make it happen and really gives a disembodied voice a personality.

There is a twist ending which is both sad and necessary.

Director and Writer Spike Jonze really had his work cut out for him in this one. With such an implausible story line, it is very likely that this film could have gone in a ‘ridiculous but not in a good way’ direction. Instead his direction and dialog were spot on and believable.


This movie will actually make you think of another great, quirky comedy “Endless Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.” If you like that one, then you will like ‘Her.’

This is a boundary pushing movie. It had the potential to be ridiculous. But with the right direction and actors, instead came off as virtually flawless.

My biggest complaint about the movie was the overly long monologs where Theodore talks about his new love and how much better she is than a human woman. This was a classic example of ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’ and at a 2 hour run time, these scenes were overkill and completely unnecessary.

However, that is about the only flaw I could find in the film. This is not a lazy movie. It requires thought and self examination. At the same time, it plays like a clever romantic comedy. The ending is sad but hopeful, much like the lead protagonist Theodore. I could easily see this movie going down as one of the best movies of our generation.

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