Movie Poster Release for ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

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After some speculation that The Wolf of Wall Street would not be released this year, it has been confirmed that the movie will indeed be released in 2013. In fact it will land on Christmas day; an extra gift for all of those like me that are eagerly waiting to see this epic tale hit the big screen.   With all that uncertainty behind them the movie studio can now began promoting the film which includes these newly released movie posters that confidently display the December 25th release day.

Both of the new posters do a good job of showing the chaos which was Jordan Belfort’s life, both personally and professionally.

Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing the lead as the fanatic, drug induced, financial genius and if you had the pleasure of reading the book by the same title, you will know that Belfort’s life was more than just a  wild ride.  In fact the movie had to be toned down to receive an R-rating. [more…]

With a trifecta of talent which will include DiCaprio as lead, Scorsese as director and Terence Winter (the Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire) behind the screenplay we will most definitely have an Oscar contender on hand.  Watch the extended trailer and see the new movie posters below.






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