‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Begins Shooting: Behind the Scenes Photos and Cruise Takes the ALS Challenge

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Just in case you were wondering if Tom Cruise was getting a little long in the tooth to play Ethan Hunt, think again. This man has found the fountain of youth. These behind the scene photos from the filming of MI:5 has Cruise looking more than ready to reprise the challenging role.

Shooting began on Wednesday as Cruise was strapped to a safety harness practicing and shooting scenes atop the Vienna State Opera House in Austria. At one time he was joined by his co-star in the film Rebecca Ferguson.

Tom Cruise MI5 - 8

Tom Cruise MI5 - 7

Tom Cruise MI5 - 6

Tom Cruise MI5 - 5

Tom Cruise MI5 - 4

Tom Cruise MI5 - 3

Tom Cruise MI5 - 2

Tom Cruise MI5 - 1

Tom Cruise MI5

There are high hopes that MI:5 will surpass the success of ‘MI:4 Ghost Protocol’ the most successful of the franchise to date, grossing $694,000 Worldwide. Ving Rhames who played Luther Stickell in previous films, who only had a cameo in MI:4 is reported to be back in this installment. MI:5 will be the first directed by Christopher McQuarrie and is also the reason Christopher appears with Cruise during his ice bucket challenge shown below.

Mission Impossible 5 is expected to hit theaters on December 26, 2015.




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