Michelle Rodriguez Is Returning To ‘Fast & Furious 9’ After Producers Agree To Hire Female Writer

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The bad news? They’re still making Fast & Furious 9. The good news? I don’t know. There is no good news. There’s just news.

According to multiple reports, Michelle Rodriguez has agreed to return to the franchise for this ninth installment after producers agreed to hire a female writer.

“I felt like there was not enough of a female voice in the franchise,” Rodriguez said before adding, “If I’m coming back, I really want there to be a female writer to give it a female voice. And finally, they showed me some love, and said yeah!”

Interesting. Will this female writer only be writing Michelle’s lines? How much input will she really have? I could totally see them ignoring every suggestion she has.

The actress went on to say that she was tired of having to re-write lines that men wrote for her to say on the Fast & Furious series. Rodriguez didn’t say who the female writer joining Fast & Furious 9 is, but that information should become known in due time.

Well, good for Michelle. Hopefully the rest of the writers actually listen to this new voice . Sadly, one female voice won’t be enough to make this franchise watchable again.

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