Michael B. Jordan Set To Star In ‘Methuselah’ Film For Warner Bros.

Michael B. Jordan’s stock continues to rise in Hollywood. He’s one of the hottest actors in the game. Everyone wants a little taste, and it was announced this week that Warner Bros. is getting the next taste.

Jordan will produce and star in a ‘Methuselah’ movie based on the Biblical story of a man who lived to be 969 years old.

This project is going to be huge. Before Jordan, names like Will Smith and Tom Cruise were attached…

Zach Dean wrote an early script after coming on to the project in 2014. The most recent draft was written by Tony Gilroy. Methuselah is referenced in the Book of Genesis as the son of Enoch, who lived to be 365 years old. The scripts have focused on Methuselah’s survival skills.

Gilroy is the screenwriter behind ‘The Bourne Identity‘ franchise, Michael Clayton and most recently Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Not much else is known about this project, but we will keep you posted as more details are released. For now, you can catch Jordan in the upcoming drama ‘Just Mercy‘ with Brie Larson and Jamie Foxx.

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