Michael B. Jordan Set To Play Tom Clancy Character John Clark In New Film Series

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Michael B. Jordan continues to dominate Hollywood. He’s the star of the new Rocky franchise, he co-starred in Black Panther, he was in the award-winning 2013 film Fruitvale Station. The dude is all over the place.

And now we are hearing he’ll be leading a new film series. According to multiple reports, Jordan is set to play Tom Clancy character John Clark. Paramount is developing two films based on Clancy’s novels Rainbow Six and Without Remorse.

Clark is the lead character in both books. Without Remorse will be the first film in the franchise and it’ll work as an origin story for the character.

Variety reports:

“Clark, a.k.a. John Terrence Kelly, is an ex-Navy Seal-turned-operations officer for the CIA and would go on to appear in 17 novels starting with 1988’s ‘The Cardinal of the Kremlin.’ Though mainly seen as a secondary character who helps CIA analysis Jack Ryan with more of the physical elements of any mission, Clark finally stepped into the spotlight with ‘Without Remorse,’ which tells his backstory on how he came to work for the CIA.”

Paramount is currently meeting with writers and directors to see who might be a good fit. No word on when they’re hoping to release the first movie, but we will keep you posted.

As for now, all the congratulations go to Jordan. He’s getting that $$$.

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