Matthew Morrison Is Just As Outraged As You After Viewing The Disturbing Animal Abuse Video From The Set Of ‘Crazy Alien’

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China is not known for its great treatment of animals. In fact, one of the reasons the most popular makeup/beauty brands in the US still test on animals is because the Chinese government requires animal testing in order to sell there.

So it shouldn’t surprise us to learn that China does not have the same restrictions or care for animals that the United States does for shooting film or TV.

And that’s why the abuse going on in the disturbing video you see at the top of this page is allowed. As you can see in the video, first released by TMZ, a German Shepherd is locked in a cage that is being suspended high above the ground. The cage then violently spins around and drops into a freezing pool of water.

According to the insiders on set, this scene was shot several times. This stunt was for a Chinese-language feature film titled Crazy Alien, which just so happens to star ‘Glee’ actor Matthew Morrison.

Morrison claims he did not know this abuse was happening on set, and if he had known, he would have tried to shut it down…

The film is currently in post-production. No word on when it might be released. Many people are demanding that the director of this film, Hao Ning, makes a promise to never work with animals again.

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