Matthew McConaughey Turned Down Villain Role For Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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As one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, we’re sure Matthew McConaughey gets offered dozens of roles every single day. Obviously he can’t accept every role. He has to sleep, you know? And he has a wife and kids. We hear those things are pretty important in life.

We’re not sure if his busy schedule had anything to do with him turning down an important role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 though. You may remember hearing a few months ago that the 45-year-old actor had read scripts from Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment. At the time, there were rumors going around that Marvel wanted him to play supervillain Norman Osborn in a Spider-Man film.

Now we have learned those rumors were just a little off. Marvel did offer him a villain role, but it was for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Variety is reporting that the actor was seriously considering the role; however, he recently decided to decline their offer.

The studio is currently searching for another actor to take his place. According to the report, we should expect to hear an announcement soon. Production will begin on the movie early next year, and it’s expected to be released in May of 2017.

McConaughey’s next big film, Gold, is scheduled to be released next year.




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