Mark Wahlberg Will Produce Boston Marathon Bombing Movie For CBS Films

It’s only been two years, but it looks like development on a film chronicling the events of the 2013 bombings has already started.

The Wrap reports that Boston native Mark Wahlberg will produce the movie for CBS Films. Some people believe he will also star in the film as city police commissioner Ed Davis, but he would have to pull off one heck of a transformation to make that happen.

Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies) is currently writing the screenplay. As of right now, the film doesn’t have any actors or directors attached to it.

The working title is Patriots’ Day, and CBS Films president Terry Press had this to say about the story…

“There is nothing more compelling than a real story populated by real heroes. The team that we have assembled for this project is determined to give audiences a very personal look at what occurred during the days when the eyes of the world were on the city of Boston and how a group of contemporary patriots faced this crisis.”

And as we were doing more research on this film, we discovered 20th Century Fox already purchased a script titled, Boston Strong. Daniel Espinosa will be directing the movie, which will reportedly begin filming this year.

This means we have at least two films being made about a tragic event that happened just two years ago. How do you feel about this? Are these projects being started a little too soon?

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