Mark Wahlberg Tried (And Failed) To Pitch ‘The Departed’ Sequel

Mark Wahlberg has a special place in his heart for ‘The Departed’ considering he earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Academy Awards for his performance in the film. It was his first ever Oscar nom.

And during a recent interview on KFC Radio, the actor revealed he had plans to make a sequel, co-starring Brad Pitt and Robert de Niro.

He got as far as a pitch meeting, but it didn’t go over well:

I went into a meeting with [screenwriter] Bill Monahan at Warner Bros. to pitch the sequel to ‘The Departed,’ And let’s just say the pitch didn’t go very well. He really didn’t have anything fleshed out, but he’s the kind of guy you just trust to go and write something. And so when we were working on the script for ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ and ‘American Desperado’ [I] said, ‘Bill, just go write. They like to have things well thought out and planned.’ It’d be a pretty good one.’

So it kinda sounds like they went into the pitch meeting without a solid idea. It was more like, “Hey, The Departed was cool…how about another one?”

Wahlberg didn’t go into any details, but he did say that Monahan was interested in bringing Brad Pitt and Robert de Niro to the table.

According to Monahan himself, he believes the studio passed only because he didn’t have a synopsis…

I don’t do synopses and I don’t pitch. Personally, I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen.

Hey, stick to your guns. It’s obviously worked out well enough.

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