Mark Wahlberg Made Over $1 Million For ‘All The Money’ Reshoots, Michelle Williams Made Only $1,000

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Well, damn. Mark Wahlberg made all the money in the world for his reshoots, and his co-star Michelle Williams made all the money in my bank account.

As most of you know, Ridley Scott’s film ‘All the Money in the World‘ was forced to reshoot all scenes with Kevin Spacey after the sexual assault allegations were made against him last year. Christopher Plummer was hired to replace Spacey, and the other stars of the film agreed to come back the week of Thanksgiving for the reshoots.

According to a new report, Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshooting his scenes, while Williams was paid an $80 per diem totaling a little less than $1,000.

This was shocking because Scott said in an interview that the cast agreed to come back for nothing. He told USA Today the following…

“RIDLEY SCOTT: “The whole reshoot was — in normal terms was expensive but not as expensive as you think. Because all of them, everyone did it for nothing.”

USA TODAY: “Really?”

SCOTT: “No, I wouldn’t get paid, I refused to get paid.”

USA TODAY: “You didn’t pay the actors more to do it?”

SCOTT: “No, they all came in free. Christopher had to get paid. But Michelle, no. Me, no. I wouldn’t do that to — ”

Insiders say Williams did not know Wahlberg and his team had negotiated the ridiculous $1.5 million fee. It’s not clear if Scott knew about it either. To me, this doesn’t sound like a wage gap issue. It sounds like a “Mark Wahlberg is a douchebag” issue. He took advantage of the situation and managed to squeeze another million out of it.



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