‘Magic Mike XXL’ Was Extremely Popular With The Ladies, Breaking Record Set By ‘Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’

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According to CinemaScore, women love traveling pants, but they love the situation going on inside Channing Tatum’s pants even more. Magic Mike XXL had a record 96% turnout for females this holiday weekend. This beats Sisterhood Of The The Traveling Pants (94%) and Sex And The City 2 (90%).

Sadly, the record female turnout didn’t produce a huge opening for the film. During its first five days, the Magic Mike sequel took in just $26.6 million. And over $25 million of that total came from women wanting to see Tatum work his magic on stage. That’s an insane number. I think Conan O’Brien was the only man who actually watched the movie.

Despite the disappointing opening, the film will still make a decent profit. Reports say the production budget was just $14.8 million, so the film has already doubled its costs when you look at the $32.8 million worldwide gross.

The first film made $39 million during its first three days and finished with an impressive $167 million worldwide. Obviously the sequel won’t touch those numbers, but you can’t say it wasn’t successful. It’s already made a profit, and the women who watched the movie absolutely loved it. Audiences hit it with an A- CinemaScore, which is a better grade than the first film.

Not bad, Channing.




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