Lupita Nyong’o And Jessica Chastain’s Spy Thriller ‘The 355’ Pushed Back A Year

Back at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, Universal Pictures purchased domestic distribution rights for ‘The 355‘ for a cool $20 million.

The female-led heist thriller stars Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger.

The globe-trotting espionage thriller follows a group of international spies — a brigade that also includes Penelope Cruz and Fan Bingbing — who team up to stop a potentially world-altering event. Together, the five women form a faction called ‘355,’ a nod to the assembly of female spies that united during the American Revolution

It was supposed to hit theaters on January 15, 2021, but thanks to the pandemic, it has been pushed back one year, to January 14, 2022.

You have to believe that was a tough decision for the studio, considering they’ve been sitting on this movie for a couple years. Now they have to wait another year.

But after paying $20 million for it, they want to make sure theaters are fully open when they finally decide to release it. If all goes according to plan, things should be at least 90% normal come Summer 2021, so the release date changes should begin to slow down.

We’ll probably see a few more, with films that were rescheduled to be released in January or February, but everything after March/April should be good to go.

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