Do You Like Coming-Of-Age Films? If So, You Need To Watch The Wonderful Trailer For ‘Morris From America’

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Comic book movies might be the cool thing to like at the moment. They’re certainly the most popular films right now, but if I’m being completely honest, they can’t grab my attention like a strong coming-of-age story can.

One of the films I am most excited about this summer is Sundance Film Festival darling Morris From America. A24 (<3) acquired U.S. distribution rights to the film, and they decided to release its first trailer last week. The American-German film stars Craig Robinson, Markees Christmas, Carla Juri and Lina Keller.

It was written and directed by Chad Hartigan. He took home the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at Sundance for his work on the film, which follows the life of a young boy named Morris who is forced to move from the US to Germany with his father.

Morris is an aspiring hip-hop artist and is having trouble finding his voice in an EDM-dominated culture. Oh, and he also falls for a girl, because every coming-of-age story must feature an adorable love story. And I don’t mean anything negative by that. I like ketchup with my fries, sprinkles on my doughnuts, and love stories in my coming-of-age movies.

Check out the trailer below. It’ll be released exclusively on DirecTV on July 7, followed by a limited release opening inside theaters on August 19.


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