Leonardo DiCaprio Will Go Up For Best Actor, Brad Pitt Will Go After Best Supporting Role

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If you watched Quentin Tarantino’sOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood‘ then you might have left the theater scratching your head, “Who was the lead?”

Was it Brad Pitt? Or Leonardo DiCaprio? Obviously Pitt’s character plays a supporting role in Leo’s character’s life, but one could argue that Pitt gave the more memorable performance.

People were interested to see who Sony would campaign for come Oscar season, and now we have our answer.

Brad Pitt will be going for the Best Supporting Actor role and Leo will go for Best Actor, in what is probably a strategic move. Pitt has a better chance at winning, and the Supporting Actor category might be easier to win than Best Actor.

Another film with a similar problem was A24’s The Lighthouse. Both Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe gave outstanding performances in the film, and both shared the same amount of screen time.

But A24 has decided to campaign for Robert as the lead actor and Dafoe for Supporting Actor.

This Oscar race will be interesting to follow. Lots of great performances. It’s going to be a difficult vote. There are no bad choices.




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