‘Lego Movie 2’ Wins Box Office, But The Numbers Are Pretty Low

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The 2019 box office is struggling. Sure, every year in January and February, studios release films they want to just throw out there, but this year is especially depressing. I haven’t felt motivated to go watch any movie the past month or two, which is pretty rare for me.

Hollywood was hoping the ‘Lego Movie 2‘ would give the box office a little kick this past weekend, but that didn’t happen.

The Warner Bros. animated flick easily won the box office with $34.4 million, but no one is really celebrating the victory because it was projected to bring in over $50 million.

Despite an enthusiastic reception, ‘The Lego Movie 2’ had one of the smallest openings in the franchise based on the popular toys, only ahead of 2017’s spinoff, ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ ($20 million). It debuted almost 50% behind its predecessor, 2014’s ‘The Lego Movie,’ which pulled off a surprisingly strong $69 million launch before ending its theatrical run with $469 million worldwide.”

The domestic box office is down over 14.5% behind last year’s numbers.

The comedy film ‘What Men Want‘ starring Taraji P. Henson opened this past weekend as well. It came in at second with $19 million, which was exactly what everyone expected. In third place with $10 million was Liam Neeson’s Cold Pursuit revenge thriller. You have to wonder if that number would have been higher had Neeson not admitted to wanting to kill a random black man when he was younger.




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