The Legend Robert De Niro Fights Back Against The Trolls In Hilarious De Niro Edition Of Mean Tweets! (VIDEO)

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As mentioned in the title, Robert De Niro is a legend. If you want to start some beef with De Niro, you better make sure you have the bigger fork in the battle.

Unfortunately, the trolls on Twitter always show up with broken sporks. Jimmy Kimmel released a hilarious De Niro edition of Mean Tweets on Monday.

For two minutes, the 73-year-old actor read mean tweets and then responded to them in the only way he knows how.

We’re not going to ruin all the jokes for you, but we will say there was one tweet in the video below that made De Niro reply with, “You know what you could do. You can suck my c–k. You f–king scumbag. Happy?”

It’s good stuff. Watch it below…

I could get behind this version of mean tweets. Instead of having several celebs read mean tweets, focus on just one and allow them to respond to each tweet.

After all, the best mean tweets come when the celebs have dramatic reactions to them. Or when they laugh their a** off.

Example…Lisa Kudrow:




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