The Lawyer That Dick Cheney Shot In The Face Says He Will Be Going To Watch ‘Vice’

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91-year-old Harry Whittington, the former lawyer who was shot in the face by Dick Cheney while hunting over 10 years ago, talked to the Daily Mail recently and confirmed he’ll be watching Vice.

He has already watched the trailer, and from what he saw, the way they show the shooting isn’t accurate, but he’s still interested to see how it plays out on screen.

“I’m planning to watch it and some of my daughters have talked about going to see it after watching the trailer. I told them I would go with them. We don’t know much about the film and have not been contacted by the producers. The trailer is not exactly what happened and there was no automobile involved.”

For those who don’t remember, the infamous hunting accident happened back in February of 2006. Cheney thought he was firing at a bird in the sky, but ended up shooting 150 birdshot pellets right at Whittington.

“Whittington had to have surgery to remove the pellets from his face and body. The lawyer also suffered a heart attack because of the lead that found its way into his blood vessels.”

Believe it or not, Whittington claims he has no hard feelings toward Cheney. He believes it was truly an accident, and those sometimes happen while hunting.

‘Vice’ is set to hit theaters this Christmas.

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