Knight Rider Comedic Movie Reboot Might Star Kevin Hart And John Cena…Yay?

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If you want to make sure your movie will be a success at the box office, what should you do? You should make sure either Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson or John Cena is starring in it. That’s all it takes.

And it looks like studios are now getting greedy by putting two in the same film. As most of you know, both Hart and Johnson are starring in the Jumanji reboot, which is scheduled to be released December 20, 2017. You know that film is going to be huge.

Now we are hearing rumors that the planned comedic movie reboot of Knight Rider might star Kevin Hart and John Cena. It’s being reported that Cena would play the titular character, Michael Knight, and Hart would voice the artificially intelligent vehicle KITT.

Neither star has signed a contract, but the studio wants them, and they will probably offer Cena and Hart lots of money. Even if they don’t end up getting the Hart/Cena combo, it gives you an idea of the tone they are looking for with this reboot: an action star with big muscles teaming up with a wimpy guy with a wicked sense of humor.

We haven’t seen Hart in that role before…

Maybe one day a studio will put all three of them in a movie! Throw in Vin Diesel too.




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