‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Cancels Its Premiere In New York City To Help Out Hurricane Harvey Victims

I wasn’t planning on watching ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle,‘ but I think I have to after hearing about what they did for Hurricane Harvey victims. Earlier this week, Twentieth Century Fox announced that the sequel’s upcoming premiere in New York City has been canceled.

The premiere was scheduled for September 12, which is the same night of the Hurricane Harvey telethon.

 “Given the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and the important fundraising efforts happening on Sept. 12, we have canceled that evening’s planned film premiere event for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. To that end, Twentieth Century Fox Film will be donating the money budgeted for the premiere to several of the non-profit groups associated with the telethon.”

That’s pretty freaking cool. They did not have to do that. It’s a smart human/business move. Plus, it’s not like this was the only premiere event planned. They have a screening scheduled at Alamo Drafthouse, a college screening series and the world premiere in London on the 18th.

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters Sept. 22, and I will most likely be buying a ticket now. Check out the trailer for the film below…

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