Keanu Reeves Reveals Hollywood Studios No Longer Contact Him And ‘It Sucks’

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Poor Keanu Reeves. Several years ago, he was one of the biggest movie stars in the business. Starring in hit movies like, Speed, The Matrix, and Point Break. Everyone believed his success at the box office would continue, but things started to go downhill in the early 2000s. He’s had a number of flops in recent years, most notably last year’s 47 Ronin, which failed miserably at the box office. The film lost Universal over $150 million.

Obviously, with the lack of success recently, big studios are afraid to work with Keanu Reeves. The 50-year-old actor (yes he’s really 50) talked with IndieWire and he was asked if he was okay with not receiving a lot of big offers.

“No, it sucks – but it’s just the way it is. You can have positive and negative experiences, but what I like about studios are the resources and the worlds that they can create. Obviously, a lot of good filmmakers work on studio movies. Even when I was working on studio movies more often, I was always doing independent movies. If we’re going to do a delineation between studio and independent [films], I was always hoping to do both.”

That’s actually a great response to a question like that. He was completely honest. Of course it sucks! However, he’s not going to let it stop him from making films. He still enjoys making indie films. His latest movie, ‘John Wick‘ has been getting great reviews. It currently has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and has scored an 8.3 on IMDb.

It releases nationwide Oct. 24, which is tomorrow for those of you without a calendar. Go check it out. It certainly looks like an entertaining movie.

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