Kathy Bates Reveals She Initially Turned Down Role In ‘The Waterboy’

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Kathy Bates is an incredible actress. She won a freaking Academy Award for Best Actress, okay? Everyone agrees she’s insanely talented. And while kids these days might know her for her work on ‘American Horror Story‘ those in their 20s and 30s probably remember her from The Waterboy.

Way back in 1998, Bates starred as the hilarious (and extremely overprotective) Mama Boucher. This was after she won an Academy Award, by the way.

When the script for the Adam Sandler comedy first reached her hands, she read a few pages and threw it in the trash next to her bed. She told Conan that she thought it was sh*t.

But then her niece pulled the script out and said, “What’s this?” and when she read that Adam Sandler’s name was attached, she freaked out and begged Bates to do it.

Bates admitted she had a lot of fun working on the film and is glad her niece pushed her to do it.

And we’re thankful as well. Honestly. I don’t think that movie would have been the same if someone else played his momma. She was a scene stealer.

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