Kate Mara And Ellen Page Will Star In Romance Drama ‘Mercy,’ Get All The Details Inside!

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When Ellen Page makes a promise, she doesn’t break it. The 29-year-old actress recently told reporters that she is committed to taking roles that support women and gay characters. She wants to focus on projects that are meaningful to her.

She will continue her journey with the forbidden love drama titled Mercy. The movie will be directed by Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom Ezer, who made her feature debut with Princess in 2014. It received mostly positive reviews from critics, and those who didn’t like it, applauded her for refusing to succumb to the rules of Hollywood.

Kate Mara will co-star in this film as Mercy and Page will take on the role of Lucy, the daughter of a man on death row falling in love with Mercy. This is a huge problem because Mercy is “on the opposing side of her (Lucy) family’s political cause.”

And you can see where the conflict will come in. A forbidden love, family drama, a dude on death row…that’s pretty much all you need. Christine Vachon and David Hinojosa will produce the movie, and they sent out a statement explaining how excited they are to be working with all three women…

“We were so enthralled by Tali’s first film and have been looking to work with Ellen and Kate for years. This is the perfect project to bring everybody together.”

Mercy will start filming in Cincinnati next month. No official release date has been set, but we will keep you posted. If you need some Ellen Page in your life right now, you can check her out in Netflix’s Tallulah.




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