‘Jurassic World’ Has Successful World Premiere, Early Reactions Are Extremely Positive!

Still worried about Jurassic World? I understand. The trailers for the Jurassic Park sequel haven’t been bad, but they haven’t been mind-blowing either. And it’s left many fans wondering if this movie will be another huge disappointment.

Well, I have some good news for you. Jurassic World had its world premiere in Paris last weekend, and the lucky people who were invited to the big event claim director Colin Trevorrow did a wonderful job. Frozen/The Wedding Ringer star Josh Gad was completely blown away by the movie.





As you can see, Mr. Gad seemed to enjoy the film, and does anyone really think Olaf would lie to us? No way! But even if you don’t trust the goofy snowman, there were more people praising the movie, claiming it was the best Jurassic Park sequel by far.

A Twitter user and huge Jurassic Park fan sent an email to slashfilm saying that his friends who attended the premiere loved the movie…

“From what I understand, the movie certainly is very action heavy after the first 45min (for better or worse) but has a ton of charm, and is incredibly well put together. There aren’t any major surprises for those who followed the production closely, but again, 3 out of the 4 praised it as the best JP sequel by far.”

It looks like we can rest easy. Jurassic World is going to kick some serious ass when it hits theaters June 12.

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