Jordan Peele’s Upcoming Horror Flick ‘Us’ Set For $35 Million Opening, But We Think The Number Will Be Higher!

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On March 22, Jordan Peele’s latest horror-thriller ‘Us‘ will hit theaters, and according to the early tracking numbers, it’s expected to make around $35 million during its opening weekend.

For those who don’t remember, his first horror-thriller ‘Get Out‘ made $255 million worldwide, but only made $33 million during its opening weekend.

‘Get Out’ continued to perform at the box office for weeks after its initial release because of great word of mouth. No one was really sure about Jordan Peele the horror director at the time, but when everyone who saw the film was like, “You have to see this!” people started to buy in.

But with ‘Us’ being his second feature, I don’t think people will need to be convinced this time. People are already excited, and the $35 million opening number seems low. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit $50 million, and I have numbers to back it up.

You see, ‘Us’ will be premiering at the SXSW Festival on March 8, which is very similar to how A Quiet Place premiered last year. It had a premiere on March 9 at SXSW, and then was released four weeks later. It made $50 million during its opening weekend.

As long as ‘Us’ performs well with critics and the audience at SXSW, I don’t see why it can’t reach $50 million as well.




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