Jordan Peele And His Film ‘Get Out’ Just Made Movie History, And Everyone Should Be Celebrating

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It was a huge weekend for Jordan Peele and cinema in general. The director/writer made history by becoming the first African-American writer-director to land a $100 million debut.

His social thriller ‘Get Out‘ continues to perform well at the box office. It’s been in theaters for a little under three weeks now, and last weekend it managed to bring in an impressive $21 million. We say impressive because it was going up against Kong: Skull Island and Logan.

In total, the film has earned over $110 million at the box office. It’s such an incredible number because the movie did not benefit from having a huge actor starring in it. Peele worked with a relatively unknown cast, and the film’s budget was just $4 million.

There have been other black directors who have seen their feature debuts earn over $100 million, but Peele is the first person to reach that mark with their own screenplay.

Another milestone? Get Out reached the $100 million mark in 16 days, which makes it the fastest film from Blumhouse productions to hit that mark.

What did Peele have to say about all this? Well, he went on Twitter and kept it simple…





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