Jordan Peele Drops First Trailer For Upcoming Horror/Sci-Fi Movie ‘Nope’

We have been waiting for the first ‘Nope’ trailer for months now. The poster was released last year, and ever since then, the internet has been speculating on the film’s plot.

Well, Jordan Peele dropped the first trailer during the Super Bowl on Sunday, and as expected, we still don’t know exactly what the movie is about.

But we do have a clearer picture. It certainly appears that this will be an alien invasion horror story, which is what we thought when the poster dropped. According to the trailer, Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya star as two animal trainers in Hollywood who specialize in horses.

During a night at their ranch, something spooky drops from the sky, and well, after that the trailer gets all kinds of weird.

In addition to Palmer and Kaluuya, ‘Nope’ stars Steven Yeun and Barbie Ferreira. This will be Peele’s first feature film since 2019’s ‘Us’

‘Nope’ will hit theaters on July 22 in the states, and then a couple weeks later across the world.

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