Jonah Hill Turns Down Offer To Co-Star In ‘The Batman’

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If you’re a comic-book fan, you probably remember hearing that Jonah Hill was close to securing a deal to star in ‘The Batman

At the time, it was believed he would play the Penguin, which had most people pretty excited.

Sadly it looks like that won’t be happening. According to a new report, Hill has decided to turn down the offer. We don’t know why he turned it down, but apparently the deal was never that close to being made in the first place.

Why exactly Hill is passing is currently unknown, and insiders tell Variety that when the news was initially reported, it was very early in the negotiations and that a deal was far from closing.

So it looks like Matt Reeves still needs to find his Penguin. As we reported earlier this week, Zoe Kravitz will star as Catwoman.

Robert Pattinson will be starring as Batman. Filming could start as early as late 2019 or early 2020. As of right now, the film is scheduled to hit theaters June 25, 2021.

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