Jon Hamm Talks About Those ‘Baby Driver’ Sequel Rumors, Will He Make A Surprise Appearance?

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Baby Driver‘ was one of the best films released in 2017. If you like watching music and film mix together to create something truly magical, then this is the movie for you. Edgar Wright, the director behind the project, is extremely talented and one of the more original directors out there.

But enough kissing of the ass. There have been rumors recently of a sequel, and on Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz USA Official Awards Viewing Party for the Oscars, Jon Hamm (who played Buddy in the movie) talked to reporters about the rumors.

He was asked if he would return, even though his character presumably died in the first film…

“That’s the rumors. I’m not in it. I’m dead. Spoiler alert. Evil twin, maybe? I have no idea but I know they are definitely talking about something. That’s way above my pay grade. But that would be something that Edgar would love to do. That project was a labor of love for him. It came together so wonderfully.”

We’ll see what happens. The interest is definitely there. This is one of the rare times where I wouldn’t mind a sequel, mainly because I know Wright wouldn’t try to force one. If he has a solid idea for a sequel, then he’ll make it.

If not? No more Baby Driver.




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