‘Joker’ Film Starring Joaquin Phoenix Could Have A Very Big Opening At The Box Office

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the ‘Joker‘ film recently, and for good reason. It premiered at a few film festivals this past month and it’s been getting some pretty great reviews.

Joaquin Phoenix is getting Oscar buzz for his performance. Even those who didn’t like the movie say Phoenix gave an incredible performance.

And it looks like the hype is building, ’cause early tracking reports claim the movie could make up to $88 million during its opening weekend, which would be pretty significant. Yes, it’s technically a comic book film, but it’s not your standard one. This promises to be super dark.

If you’re going in expecting a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe, you’re going to be very disappointed. In fact, most critics are comparing this movie to “Taxi Driver,” which should tell you just how far off it is from your typical superhero/villain flick.

According to the reports, Joker worked with a budget of just $50 million, so even a $60 or $70 million opening would be huge.

It’s not all great news for the film, though. There are real concerns surrounding the movie…

Some complained that the movie was too slow and depressing, while others worried it sent out a disturbing message by humanizing a psychopathic killer as mass shootings are on the rise and society is increasingly alarmed by gun violence. That brewing controversy could depress box office receipts and lead to backlash.

Joker will hit theaters October 4, 2019.

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