John Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ Film Has A 0% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes, And The Marketing Team Is Firing Back!

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John Travolta’s mob drama ‘Gotti‘ is not performing well with the critics. It’s currently sitting at a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. 26 rotten reviews and 0 fresh reviews.

Most critics say Travolta gave an “okay” performance, but the story around him simply wasn’t good enough.

This is what Variety said in their review…

“His performance ain’t lousy, but the movie that surrounds it is, and it’s almost laughable to see this iconic star trying so hard on behalf of a project that is so compromised in its intentions.”

And pretty much every critic agrees. The movie is terrible, but that doesn’t mean Travolta didn’t give a good performance.

But still, the marketing team for the movie is fighting back. After reading all the negative reviews from the critics, they decided to release a promotional sizzle reel discrediting all the haters.

The captions reads, “Audiences loved ‘Gotti. Critics put out the hit. Who would you trust more? Yourself, or a troll behind a keyboard.”



It’s worth noting that the film does have a great user review score on Rotten Tomatoes; however, there is some people who wonder if the people leaving the reviews are 100% legit.

You can click on this link. It’ll take you to a Reddit post, which will give you all the suspicious details.




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